Pro-Gun Control Mayor Under Fire After Private Texts Leaked…


The Democratic mayor of St. Louis stated in a text message that gun regulation is ineffective, and she is now trying to contain the situation to show that she is just as radical as the other leaders of America’s major cities.

Mayor Tishaura Jones has publicly declared that her violent city would be safer if only her party had the authority to outlaw guns.

Jones, however, privately informed those closest to her that Chicago, which has strict gun laws, just across the Missouri-Illinois state border, provided conclusive proof that gun control measures have failed.

KSDK-TV obtained the message and many others after they were released following a public records request.

“Chicago has strict gun laws as well but that doesn’t deter gun violence,” Jones wrote on March 21 in a group chat with her father and adviser Richard Callow, the outlet reported Friday.

“It’s about investing in the people,” she explained.

The mayor’s private views on gun restriction don’t line up with her public declarations.

In downtown St. Louis last month, at what was intended to be a party, one youngster was killed and nine other people were injured.

Republicans and guns were Jones’ two main targets for the blame for the bloodshed.

“Our state’s lax gun laws make our challenge even more difficult,” Jones said after the shooting, CNN reported.

The mayor continued, “The Missouri legislature failed to enact common sense gun control laws that would have prevented juveniles from possessing lethal weapons.

It appears that Democrats in general believe in expressing both public and private thoughts on various topics. This includes Hillary Clinton.

Since Jones’ startlingly pragmatic statement went viral, she has toned it down and provided context through others, probably to avoid the wrath of her fellow Democrats.

“Gun laws are just one part of the solution,” spokesman Nick Desideri said in a statement Friday, according to KSDK. “There’s a difference between deterring behavior and making it harder to get firearms and weaponry; for example, there’s no doubt that gun laws in the blue region around Newark help reduce violence as opposed to here.”

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell also came to Jones’ defense.

“If you take someone’s text messages, you don’t get the full context of what they … mean,” he said in a statement obtained by KDSK. “And I’ve talked to Mayor Tishaura about this issue a lot of times. And she believes in common sense gun safety laws, just as I do.”

Democrats haven’t been short of remarks in support of the mayor, who correctly noted that gun control doesn’t work.

Jones said that Chicago’s tight gun rules had not reduced the city’s violence in an unfiltered and private setting.

If anything, such rules have made the problem worse because those who don’t abide by any laws, much less those pertaining to firearms, are more likely to be armed.

Every Monday, when the city’s weekend violence makes the news, this topic is explored.

But Jones is now recruiting people to support her liberal credentials because she admitted that urban violence is about more than just pulling a trigger, a “progressive” thought crime.

People will still be victims of violent crime in the meanwhile, just as they are in Chicago and St. Louis.

While Democrats like Jones campaign against guns that have been legal in the U.S. since long before the problems of urban degradation and psychotic mass shooters, more families will endure the loss of loved ones.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the fundamental cause of all this violence: Boys now are more likely than boys in earlier generations to be raised in secular families without father figures.

Public figures who reject the idea of God and assert that gender is a fluid concept cannot solve this issue.

If being a man is a subjective concept, how can dads mold their sons into good men? If gender is a social construct, as the left claims, then what is a father?

We can presume that many Democrats have opinions on those issues, both publicly and privately.

The party will keep up its popular anti-Second Amendment rhetoric rather than risk the fury of more radicalized liberal voters.

Jones will point the finger at the weapons despite the fact that she has publicly acknowledged that people, not weapons, are the ones who do violent acts.

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