Private Christian school teacher ‘MissG-lover’ groomed and abused female student, threatened to kill herself: Cops


Kaitlin Glover

Kaitlin Glover (Las Vegas Metro PD)

A former teacher at a private Christian school in Nevada is accused of propping herself up as a mentor and mother figure while grooming a female student on Snapchat and sexually abusing her for nearly four years, from December 2017 to September 2021.

Kaitlin Ann Glover, a 34-year-old who went by “MissG-lover” on Snapchat, was employed as a teacher at Mountain View Christian Schools in Las Vegas when she allegedly began in December 2017 to help the student and give her advice. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department declaration of warrant/summons, grooming soon followed via Snapchat, where Glover started “talking about previous relationships and sex acts.”

“[The victim] told Glover the she had never done anything sexual with anyone and Glover had replied that she would teach her how to masturbate when she turned 18,” court documents said. “Shortly after, [the victim] states that Glover began sending her nude photos through Snapchat.”

The victim allegedly told police that she spoke on the phone with Glover on the phone “every single day, without missing one day” for almost four years and that the two often spoke about “their problems” and the student’s home abusive life.

“The[y] told each other they loved each other approximately 500 times throughout these four years,” the documents said.

Authorities allege that Glover pushed the victim to escalate their “relationship” to physical contact.

“The two had discussed for some time that their relationship would go to the next level and be more physical/sexual and they made plans it would happen,” cops said.

The first incident of in-person sexual contact allegedly occurred in the teacher’s vehicle — a green van — over spring break in 2018. A second incident allegedly took place in May 2018. The documents went into graphic detail about illicit sex acts.

“[The victim] said this behavior with the two of them went on and occurred approximately every two weeks in the car in the same area near her house,” authorities recounted. “[The victim] said her parents and friends did not know about this secret relationship.”

The victim also told police that she did not tell anyone because Glover threatened to kill herself if the student left her or told authorities, documents said. Authorities said the victim came forward after hearing Glover was “having a relationship with another student.”

Cops said that Glover was interviewed on July 6, 2022 about the allegations and that she denied all of them. She admitted driving the girl home from school and Snapchatting her, cops said.

She allegedly said she was close with the victim but only as a mother figure and mentor, in an attempt to explain why she texted the student things like “I love you and miss you.”

When the student “abruptly stopped talking to Glover, she was hurt,” as Glover “felt she put a lot of time and effort including money into her future, then [the victim] never spoke to her again,” documents said.

Glover also attempted to explain the hundreds of times she contacted the student’s phone over the years, including for lengthy phone calls, cops said. What investigators apparently found:

When looking at the frequency of calls, the victim’s phone [redacted] was contacted 430 times between Wed August 12, 2020 to Sat January 15, 2022. There were several other long calls located. When looking at [redacted] phone [redacted] there were 232 contacts between July 10, 2021, to June 26, 2022.

Glover, under questioning, “again said they called a lot because as a mother figure and mentor, Glover wanted to be there for her,” cops summarized her statement. “She would call the victim or the victim would call her and Glover would let the phone run for long periods of time because the victim said she was said or alone,” documents said.

Glover’s defense lawyer Joel Mann handed cops two letters that the student allegedly wrote for the teacher, documents said.

In one Mother’s Day letter, “the victim states that Kaitlyn Ann Glover is her mother and that she is better than her biological mother,” documents said. “In the letter [the victim] wrote ‘I’m trying to do my best to be worth [sic] of your love’ and if Kaitlynn [sic] decides one day to not be her mom she would be upset.”

“The other letter also tells Glover that she feels she is her hero and Glover has changed her life,” the declaration of warrant continued.

In an interview, Glover’s father told police that there were times where both he and his daughter would drop off the student, but that it was “weird” because the girl “never wanted them to drop her off at her residence,” as the declaration of warrant put it.

Glover’s father further said “there was never a time where he questioned how long Kaitlyn was gone as it never seemed unreasonable,” cops paraphrased his statement.

Glover had been employed at Mountain View Christian Schools since August 2014. The private school’s website says its mission is to “graduate Christian leaders who by their commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality will transform the world for Jesus Christ.”

KVVU reported that Marc Cook, an attorney for the school, released a statement saying that Glover had worked at the school until this summer but is no longer employed.

“A family member contacted the school about these allegations this summer. The Ms. Glover does not work at the school and has not worked at the school since the family came forward to the school with the allegations. The School has and will continue to cooperate with the Metropolitan Police Department but they have not shared their findings with the School,” the statement reportedly said. “We wish the very best for the former student and hope the legal process and investigation get to the truth of this matter as expeditiously as possible.”

The criminal offenses identified in the police document include statutory sexual seduction and sexual conduct between a teacher and student, both felonies. While the former is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, the latter — a category C felony — can yield a sentence of not more than 5 years.

Law&Crime reached out to Glover’s attorney for comment. Mann said that the allegations “are completely false.”

“My client mentored and cared for the accuser as a mother figure. My client did not have any sexual relationship with this person at any time. My client explained this to the police, but in a rush to judgment the police ignored the obvious signs of an accuser whose story never had any corroboration,” the defense lawyer said. “Ms. Glover is eager to finally have the truth come out in the legal process.”

The declaration of warrant/summons is available here.

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