Press Sec Speechless After Doocy Asks Bombshell Question, ‘What Laws Would Prevent Gun Violence In…


In the wake of the horrific shooting in Texas Democrats are doing everything they can to pass some sort of gun control legislation.

During a press conference, Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre railed against guns but was stopped in her tracks when Fox News’ reporter Peter Doocy asked, “you got Chicago, for example, they already have plenty of very strict gun laws, some of the strictest in the country. Forty-seven people shot there over the Memorial Day weekend, nine of them died. So which law would have prevented any of that? Do we think that all these people in Chicago who were shooting each other are legally buying their guns?”

In the video below, notice Jean-Pierre’s gasps and how she immediately goes to her talking points book.

“So, here’s a couple of examples for you. I was just talking about the red flags law,” Jean-Pierre said. “There are some examples here of how they’ve prevented tragedies in California. A study showed that California Red Flag Law has assisted in the prevention of 21 mass shootings between 2016 and 2018. In Florida, since passing a Red Flag Law in 2018, there have been notable cases of a few of the law intervening in multiple cases of potential violence. In Connecticut and Indiana, for every 10 to 20 prevention’s under the red flag laws, there was one fewer death than would otherwise have been expected.”

Also, note that she never answered the question she just kept talking about “red flag laws.”

Jean-Pierre kept going, “So when it is enacted, it does help. There are things that we can do. And one of the things that the President talks about with expanding background checks, if we’re able to do that, we are going to take more guns out of the hands of criminals, and that is incredibly important. So there are things here that can be worked out, that can be done that are not going to prevent every tragedy, but will take us to a better place where we can protect our family.”

Not once did Jean-Pierre answer Doocy’s question because the reality none of the gun control measures in Chicago has worked.


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