Pelosi Looks Ridiculous: These Shows Had Higher Ratings Than The 1/6 Commission Public Hearings


The public hearings were supposed to be the Democrat’s pinnacle moment which once and for all take down former President Trump.

Actually, they are a national embarrassment.

Pelosi has fallen short of the Hollywood drama she promised, and the public hearings revealed that the commission is just a kangaroo court.

The hearings were so unpopular that the cartoons for small children, “Daniel Tiger” and “Curious George,” had higher ratings than Pelosi’s circus.

The big week also turned into vicious infighting between members of the panel.

Axios reporter, Jonathan Swan discovered that there is a big divide in the committee over what “needs to be done” when the hearings are over.

“Some members want big changes on voting rights,” like abolishing the electoral college, and others want to move on.

Meanwhile, Rep. Liz Cheyney thinks the committee will “burn its credibility” if they push for “radical” changes.

The fact that “Daniel Tiger” has higher ratings than a hearing about a supposed “insurrection” means that the committee has already lost all credibility.


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