Pelosi Flips Out When Her Press Conference Doesn’t End Well (VIDEO)


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference but things didn’t go well.

Despite gas prices at an all-time high and a new report showing inflation is the highest it’s ever been Pelosi claimed that the economy is “improving.” Never mind the fact that it costs around $95 (or more) to fill up a gas tank and food prices are the most they’ve ever been. But like a good Democrat, she stuck to her talking points instead of working for the American people to support Joe Biden.

Nancy told the press that her shame 1/6 Committee hearings are more important than suffering Americans so they’ll have to wait.


As Pelosi was wrapping up a reporter asked “how could she say the Justices were protected when there was an attack on Justice Kavanaugh’s life.”
She was walking away from the podium but that question must have struck a nerve because Pelosi whipped around and started yelling, “they’re protected, they’re protected.”

Even Bill Maher is pointing out the left’s hypocrisy.

Now far-left activists are picking on Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s children.


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