Pelosi Dazed After A Debacle Surrounding 1/6 Hearing Embarrasses Democrats


The US House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th incident at the United States Capitol building has conducted hours of interviews and spent millions of taxpayer dollars on another witch hunt. Members of the committee have made a lot of claims but there is one thing they are missing; facts.

Pelosi was also dazed when the Primetime hearing ratings came in. The rating showed that there were fewer viewers watching the hearing than would typically watch the news during the primetime slot on each network. In other words, Americans didn’t tune in, they tuned out.

Pelosi’s plan was that the committee would be used to remind the American people that the republicans are evil and drag the hearings out to the midterms in hopes of crushing Trump-appointed candidates and getting a supermajority. However, it turns out that care more about inflation, high gas prices, being able to feed their infants, and affording our grocery bills.

The Democrats are so desperate with Joe’s approval rating in the low 30s that they hired a former ABC TV executive to produce the primetime hearing.

Former Obama general David Axelrod warned Democrats to back off and not turn this into a political war.

“If I were a member of the 1/6 committee, stories like these, casting the hearings as a political cudgel, would make me very unhappy. Conversely, Rs, who hope to dismiss damning findings as partisan, will seize on them. Let facts speak for themselves,” Axelrod wrote.

What has Axelrod worried is members of Congress like Rep. Raskin and Schiff who want to use the committee to dump the electoral college and nationalize elections.

Republicans are panning the hearings as political theatre.

“The sham January 6th committee is grasping at straws, just like the two failed impeachments,” Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks told The Daily Wire. “They’re trying to turn their investigation into a taxpayer-funded TV special, instead of getting to the bottom of January 6th because they don’t want to uncover inconvenient truths about Speaker Pelosi’s role in the security failure at the Capitol.”


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