OUCH: Body Cam Footage Just Captured What They’re Calling The Most Painful Traffic Stop Ever…


When a Wisconsin police officer pulled over a woman for driving on a suspended license, he likely never expected what was about to go down…

Nicole Golomski, a 31-year-old lady from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, got herself into a bad situation on a freezing New Year’s Eve. She was stopped by a police officer for a regular traffic stop while she was driving through the icy streets. She had no idea this interaction would turn tense and be recorded on the officer’s body camera.

Knowing she was operating a vehicle with a suspended license put Nicole already on edge. She struggled to control her annoyance as the police drew near her car which was parked by the side of the road not far from her house. She started swearing and screaming at the police, showing her rage through her body language and voice.

The officer, a Portage County sheriff’s deputy, calmly assessed the situation, his body camera recording every moment of this increasingly tense encounter. Had it not been for this handy piece of technology, we would never have known the full extent of the events that unfolded on that wintry night.

As the officer approached Nicole’s sedan, she accused him of having nothing better to do than harass her on New Year’s Day, she gestured wildly at the other cars on the road, claiming they were the real lawbreakers. “I’ve got a suspended driver’s license, but you can pull someone over for drinking and driving,” she argued, clearly upset at being singled out.

The deputy, attempting to maintain control of the situation, requested Nicole’s ID. Defiantly, she refused, stating that he already knew who she was and her license was suspended. She then accused the officer of stalking her, claiming he had been following her around earlier at a fast-food restaurant.

Never one to back down, the deputy turned his focus to the man driver of the vehicle, a few anxious minutes later, the situation worsened when the officer made the decision to issue the passenger with a ticket for failing to use a seatbelt. Nicole was enraged, but she was unable to influence the officer’s decision.

Desperate to make her point, Nicole stepped out of the car and tried to appeal to the officer’s sense of duty. She spoke passionately about the real dangers on the road during New Year’s Day – the drunk drivers, the drug users, and the reckless.There are so many drunk, crackheads, methheads, alcoholics. People with so much stuff that if you pulled them over, you’d actually, I don’t know, you’d be doing good. Because they would have been drinking and driving or they had drugs. Or they were doing something bad.”

But her impassioned plea fell on deaf ears. The deputy remained unmoved, and the outcome of this extraordinary encounter between an irate driver and a stoic police officer was inevitable.

As the frosty night deepened, Nicole Golomski’s New Year’s Day story came to an end – a tale of frustration, defiance, and a dash of irony, forever immortalized by the unblinking eye of the officer’s body camera.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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