One Of Rush Limbaugh’s Last Predictions Is Now Haunting Biden


During one of his last radio shows, America’s truth detector who is over 99% right made a prediction about Joe Biden and it is haunting him.

On December 15, 2020, Biden hadn’t taken office yet but even then Rush knew Joe was a stooge.

“They will not be critical of Biden. They’re gonna prop up Biden until, until — I’m gonna tell you, folks, I think we’re seeing enough information on the Bidens now to safely say that Biden will serve at the pleasure of Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said.  “If Obama gives the green light to Democrats to take Biden out, there will be ample evidence that Biden has lied about his knowledge his family was selling his name and office with his permission, and if that’s in fact the case, then there’s likely unreported money that will be found. The fake news media will temporarily become hard news media if the decision is made that Biden has to step down. Until that time, they will be covering for Biden, they’ll be making excuses for Biden, they’ll be ignoring all the negatives. You wait and see. And then watch what happens to their ratings when that happens.”

That time may have come because Biden’s approval rating is in the dump and hasn’t recovered for over seven months.

Then all of a sudden out of left field the Hunter Biden story explodes in the mainstream media and the Associated Press starts fact-checking Biden.

As Biden was addressing the nation over high gas prices he insulted Americans by telling us to buy $55,000 plus electric vehicles and we’ll save $500 a month. The Associated Press pointed out that Biden was wrong, and an American family “might” save a whopping $500 a year.

The words of Rush Limbaugh are coming back to haunt Joe Biden.


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