O’Keefe Media Group Interviews Bus Driver Dropping Off Illegal Aliens at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – The Conservative


On Wednesday evening, O’Keefe Media Group released video footage that revealed a large influx of illegal aliens arriving at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

Data from Customs and Border Protection predicts that December will be a record-breaking month for illegal border crossings, with estimates suggesting that over 300,000 individuals have been invited into the US by the Biden administration’s open border policy.

During an interview with James O’Keefe, the driver of a Jet Limo bus reported dropping off numerous illegals at the airport.

“Are these migrants from the border?” O’Keefe asked the bus driver.

“I work for Jet Limousine and take a few trips a day,” the driver told O’Keefe.

O’Keefe stated that airline pilots and agents are speaking out, with additional information coming to light.

Citizen journalists have captured video footage of undocumented immigrants being transported from Phoenix to other major airports.

“My Delta flight from Phoenix appears to be flying migrants who crossed the border and are being shipped to New York,” reporter Ashley St. Clair said in a post on X.

“When I asked a Delta representative if this was the case, his response was “What does it matter, they’re humans too,”” she added.



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