Now The Left Wants You To Give Up Another American Staple Because Biden Is Tanking The Economy


Thanks to Joe Biden prices continue to soar with no break in site for the American people.

Now the left is claiming that Americans are going to need to cut back on their meat consumption and say it’s time to cut back on steaks and burgers.

First, the left tried to take our freedom, then they let gas prices go crazy and now they want Americans to cut back on beef.

In a piece titled “American May Have To Say Goodbye to Steak and Burgers as Beef Costs Rise,” published by Yahoo Finance “experts” say Americans should move on:

“On the demand side, the concern is discretionary spending,” said Don Roose, president of brokerage U.S. Commodities Inc. in West Des Moines, Iowa. “Will consumers look to cheaper proteins or will they skip proteins?”

Estimated profit margins for beef packers fell to $102.45 per head Tuesday. That’s the around the lowest since before the coronavirus pandemic began early in 2020. During the outbreak, workers inside slaughterhouses caught the virus and forced plants to close, limiting the amount of beef available and sending prices soaring to record highs.

Members of the Climate Church claim that beef accounts for 60% of all greenhouse gas however, the “science” doesn’t have a thing to say about the pollution in China.

From The Guardian:

The raising and culling of animals for food is far worse for the climate than growing and processing fruits and vegetables for people to eat, the research found, confirming previous findings on the outsized impact that meat production, particularly beef, has on the environment.

The article never mentioned the climate impact of growing all those vegetables on large farms because that doesn’t fit their narrative either.

Much to the disappointment of the left the price of grain is the highest it has been since 2008 as well (noticing a pattern?).

The Left wants you to do with less, only eat vegetables, and follow their restrictions. Meanwhile, they are going to party maskless at the French Laundry and eat steak.

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