Newsom’s Anti-Gun Law is Nothing More Than a Political Stunt….


A] federal law — rightly or wrongly — protects firearms manufacturers from liability suits.

The bill is so obviously drafted as a political gesture that the American Civil Liberties Union opposed it for using the “flawed logic” of the Texas statute.

“We believe it is a serious misstep to entrench that flawed logic further,” the organization said when the bill was going through the legislative process. “In doing so, California will be promoting a legal end-run that any state can use to deny people an effective means to have their constitutional rights protected by the courts. This will continue to be replicated in states across the country — and with California’s endorsement.”

Gun control is a serious subject involving a specific right to bear arms in the Constitution, one that the Supreme Court has recently bolstered in a way that Newsom dislikes. It deserves thoughtful political discourse, not interstate political one-upmanship.

— Dan Walters in Newsom’s new gun control bill is just a stunt


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