New Pic Of Michelle Obama Has USA Asking … WTH HAPPENED TO HER!? – The Conservative


Let me start by apologizing for even mentioning her name.

However, I saw these photos posted by Michelle Obama and could net help but wonder … what the heck is wrong with her?

For a woman who has been living the high life since at least 2008 she sure looks like she has  … a lot of miles on her odometer.

The second image really struck me as well.  Look at how the picture was taken with Michelle well in front of Barack so that he does not get dwarfed by her in the photo.

All I’ll say about Michelle is this … She sure as hell ain’t no Melania Trump … that’s for damn sure!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Obamas took a private jet to Australia for Barack’s two-week speaking tour.

Apparently climate change mandates are only for the peasants.

Barack Obama trashed Trump during his speaking tour Down Under.

Michelle Obama spent most of her trip to Australia make-up free and looking disheveled in baggy clothes.

“Barack and I just got back from Australia and we loved every minute of this trip!” Michelle Obama said on Instagram.

Michelle Obama dwarfed her husband in another photo posted to her Instagram showcasing their trip to Australia.

We sure do miss First Lady Melania Trump.



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