New Controversial Rules Aimed at Limiting Access to Firearms Training


An “emergency regulation” that the state Department of Justice (CalDOJ) announced restricts who can provide the necessary training to applicants for concealed carry permits. This is yet another indication that California will fight tooth and nail to prevent residents from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

National Rifle Association-certified instructors are among those who will not be permitted under the new legislation, according to KTXL/Fox 40 News, and the California State Sheriff’s Association is fighting back.

  • The station cited a statement from the organization: “A likely and obvious byproduct of reducing the number of trained and certified CCW instructors will be an increased difficulty in CCW applicants’ ability to access appropriate CCW training and certification…
  • It can be argued that impeding access to sufficient numbers of adequate CCW instructors will jeopardize CCW applicants’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights lawfully.”

Under the emergency regulations, “initial applicants must submit a copy of their training certification from one of the following:

  1. Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California-Firearm Training Instructor;
  2. Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), State of California Firearms Instructor or Rangemaster; or
  3. Authorization from a State of California-accredited school to teach a firearm training course.”

The California Rifle and Pistol Association is furious.

In a statement published online, CRPA notes, “These new proposed emergency regulations strictly limit which instructors can provide CCW training in a system that already has a heavy load of too many students and not enough classes. This move seems like a move to limit and slow the processing of CCWs in the state, which is problematic given that CCW applications have increased significantly since the Bruen decision.”

In an Op-Ed published by the Los Angeles Daily News, Susan Shelley observes, “The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear: the people of the United States, even in California, have an individual right to keep and bear arms. The government of California simply refuses to accept that.”

In announcing the proposed emergency regulations back on Dec. 8, CalDOJ allowed only five days for public reaction. This only added to the fury.

Even the Sacramento Bee acknowledged, “In addition, last-minute emergency regulations filed by the California Department Justice, will force many instructors to be re-certified in 2024, delaying the new application process.”

For years, NRA-certified instructors have taught firearm safety classes. Millions of people have taken these courses, and their advice has been widely accepted.

The Sacramento Bee stated that Senate Bill 2 increased the amount of training required for both new applicants (from eight to sixteen hours) and those renewing their permits (from four to eight hours).

There is nothing new about the training requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit or license. However, it appears that numerous jurisdictions are weaponizing the requirement in an attempt to deter people from purchasing and carrying firearms. A circuit judge last month found Legislation 114 in Oregon to be unconstitutional because it included a training requirement for obtaining a permit to purchase.

The state has filed an appeal.

Ammoland News previously reported that on January 1 in neighboring Washington, a requirement for proof of training for purchasing a handgun goes into effect. A new proposal in Washington will create a permit-to-purchase system with the same training requirement.

Senator Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware will now consider Senate Bill 2(S) when the legislature reconvenes on January 9. According to WRDE News, this law also demands documentation of the completion of a firearms safety course within the previous five years.

To justify the proposed Delaware requirement, Democrat House Majority Leader Melissa Minor-Brown was quoted by WRDE insisting, “In almost every aspect of our lives, people must undergo some version of training: to operate machinery, for medical purposes, to drive, to serve alcohol, and many other activities. Requiring people who want to buy a firearm to take a training course isn’t some undue burden; it’s basic common sense to learn how to safely load, use, and store a lethal weapon. This will help us reduce straw purchases, keep firearms out of the wrong hands, and ultimately make both the gun owners and the public safer.”

According to critics, all of these mandates indicate that the proponents do not comprehend the distinction between privileges and constitutionally protected fundamental rights.


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