Movie Studio Eats Millions Over Wokery! Forced To Shutdown ‘Irredeemable’ Blockbuster, Activists Have Egg On Their Face


It was supposed to the biggest and badest superhero movie that was going to put woke politics into the mainstream.

Warner Brothers has decided to cancel the latest Batgirl film because it was too woke.

The film was so bad that it will not get out of the editing room floor audiences who screened the movie hated it.

From the Dailymail:

Batgirl, an apparently ‘woke’, big-budget film featuring a female version of the Caped Crusader, has been ignominiously scrapped — shocking the film world.

Condemned as ‘irredeemable’ by studio executives at Warner Bros, it seems that not even a lengthy spell in the editing room could rescue it. Nor was it good enough to send ‘straight to video’, as used to be said of films too bad for the cinema.

Despite being completely finished and reportedly having cost $90 million (£75 million), Batgirl will never be released in any format — not even on one of the internet streaming services that often seem willing to broadcast any old tat.

Think about that, the movie is so bad that Warner Brothers doesn’t even want to hand it off to Netflix.

More from the Dailymail:

There are certainly strong clues to suggest that Batgirl was only the latest in a long and disastrous line of Hollywood films that have prioritised politically correct values over entertainment. As Robin might say, Holy Woke, Batman!

Fans will remember that in the original comics, Batgirl is the night-time alter ego of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City’s red-headed police commissioner Jim Gordon.

The star of the film was a little-known Afro-Latina singer-actress named Leslie Grace. This alone was a big risk as 27-year-old Grace’s only previous major acting role was in the box-office flop In The Heights, a ‘musical drama’ made by woke hero Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind the musical Hamilton.

The film was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, young Moroccan-Belgians best known for the TV series Ms Marvel, about a Muslim Pakistani-American teenage girl who is bullied at school until she develops superpowers.

When Ms Marvel was released in June, it received a tsunami of abuse from comic book fans complaining about its unbearable wokeness.

Batgirl’s screenplay was by Christina Hodson, the British writer of ultra-feminist film Birds Of Prey, accused by one critic of ‘hating on men — all men . . . [and] dull to the point of numbing’.

Batgirl also featured a transgender character, Alysia Yeoh, Barbara Gordon’s flatmate, played by the trans actor Ivory Aquino.

The appearance, critics say, is of a film putting its ‘progressive’ values ahead of all other concerns.

They are starting to pay attention, Americans don’t like the woke nonsense



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