Motorists Jaw Drops After Disturbing Message Pops Up On Fuel Pump


The now-viral image was posted by reporter Katie Greifeld from Bloomberg News and her bio says she lives in New York City.

According to Greifeld’s post, she was fueling up her vehicle at an Exxon station when the pump suddenly stopped at 7.360 gallons informing her she had reached her fueling limit.

Some speculated that Greifeld had filled up another vehicle earlier in the day that prompted the message but there was no notice of gas rationing.

What’s even more bizarre neither Exxon, the service station, nor her bank has issued a statement explaining the message.

Perhaps the message was a sign of things to come.

While Biden has his head in the sand the International Energy Agency has issued a warning that “we could see shortages” that could be worse and last longer than the energy crisis in the 1970s.

“Back then it was just about oil,” Fatih Birol from the IEA said. “Now we have an oil crisis, a gas crisis and an electricity crisis simultaneously.”

Meanwhile, gas prices continue to rise and in California, motorists are paying at least $6.15 a gallon.

Meanwhile, when the White House was asked about gas prices below was their answer.


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