More Turmoil: White House Falters Trying To Cover Up Embarrassing Resignation


The White House has been rocked by another resignation and they attempted to cover it up.

WH Comms Director Kate Bedingfield is trying to get out of the cesspool known as the Biden administration as fast as possible.

However, when the news broke the Biden administration tried to cover it up.

Politico reporter Alex Thompson reported that the Biden administration wouldn’t respond to him and tried to ignore the news.

Politico’s report shows that the White House Communications office is in complete turmoil.

Politico reported:


Democrats have grown openly critical of the Biden team’s communications strategy in recent weeks and months. Longtime Biden aide Anita Dunn recently returned to the White House as a senior adviser and has been working to shore up the operation.

Bedingfield is a longtime Biden aide who helped steer the campaign through the difficult primary contest. She served in a similar capacity for Biden when he was vice president in 2015 and was his deputy campaign manager and communications director during his 2020 run. She has largely operated behind the scenes with relationships throughout the Democratic Party.

As Psaki’s exit neared, Bedingfield took on an increasingly public-facing role, including hosting the daily press briefings when Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre both had Covid-19.

The job ultimately went to Karine Jean-Pierre after Psaki stepped down and she is terrible.

What is even more noticeable is that people who were holding Joe’s pitiful administration together are leaving and that shows Biden is hanging on to a thread.


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