Middle Schoolers Have Their Woke Teacher Head Spinning After Lesson Backfires


A woke middle school teacher didn’t know what to think when her classroom of 5th graders made a fool out of her when she tried to teach them about gender pronouns.

The Twitter account Libs of TikTok is pure gold; somehow, she finds the craziest posts created by far-left teachers.

One of her most recent posts is hilarious.

The account found a video of a 5th-grade teacher who asked her social media followers for advice.

While she was giving a lesson on pronouns, one boy raised his hand and told his teacher that she hadn’t asked him what his pronouns were. When she did, the student said they were “banana/rock.”

The interaction caused the teacher’s head to spin, and she corrected the student. However, the cheeky kid (who obviously has great parents) reminded her that pronouns could be anything he wants them to be.

The teacher is obviously an airhead because she asks people for advice on social media.

The Libs of TikTok account has also done a great job exposing the woke agenda in American schools and businesses. For example, she found struggle sessions implemented at a Minnesota medical facility.

Presented without comment…

It’s accounts like Libs of TikTok that have wannabe governor of Texas Beto O’Rourke railing against parents.


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