Megyn Kelly Gets Spicey! Doesn’t Mince Words After Fauci’s Latest Diatribe, ‘F**** You Fauci, You’ll Get The…


Wow, Megyn Kelly isn’t messing around and had some choice words for Dr. Fauci after he announced his retirement.

During her podcast, Kelly commented on Dr. Fauci claiming that he will only “consider” attending a House hearing if its oversight.

“He sounds like he’s being invited for afternoon tea,” Kelly said. “F**k you Dr. Fauci you don’t get to say if you can go.”

Adding, “You don’t get to say whether you go. You get a congressional subpoena, you show up, or you get the Steve Bannon treatment.”


Her entire monologue was really good and we pulled out some of the quotes we really enjoyed. Below you can watch the entire monologue.

He mocked the idea of natural immunity, eliminating the need for his beloved, mandatory vaccines. Despite admitting years earlier that natural immunity is in fact the gold standard. His unexplained reversal cost millions their livelihoods. As of October of 2021, 5 percent of unvaccinated adults said they had lost a job due to a vaccine mandate, according to the Kaiser Foundation.

Those who questioned Dr. Science and his approach to the pandemic? Evil. Like those who put together the Great Barrington Declaration, doctors from Stanford, Oxford, Harvard. They questioned Fauci’s lockdown push. They said an approach based on focused protection in which we protect the most vulnerable – the elderly, the immunocompromised – makes sense, but we let others live their lives, that’s what we need. And what did Fauci do? He conspired with his boss [Francis Collins] at the NIH to smear these good doctors.


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