Media Has Egg On Their Face After Trump Drops New Receipts About Raid


Former President Donald Trump has once again embarrassed the media. The “leaks” being reported by the media have all the same disinformation campaign hallmarks we see being used in Ukraine.

Almost immediately after Trump reported the FBI took his passports the media called him a liar. First up, was Norah O’Donnell of CBS News who said, “According to a DOJ official, the FBI is NOT in possession of former President Trump’s passports. Trump had accused the FBI of stealing his three passports during the search of his Mar-a-Lago home.”


Note the word game, “not in possession,” instead of “we didn’t take the passports.”

Immediately after the fake news claim, a member of Trump’s team posted an email from the DOJ discussing how they could return the passports to the former president.

After being humiliated, other press members claimed that Trump was being dishonest because he fooled them.

Once again, the media has egg on their face after lying to the American people.


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