McDonald’s Made Him Wait For Eight Minutes, And His Reaction IS Beyond Insanity….


A dad was fuming after having to wait for eight minutes to get his food from McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain was prioritizing delivery orders, causing the father to wait for his icy treat. The father, Imran Patel, arrived at the McDonald’s location in West Yorkshire to treat his children to a frozen dessert. However, he was left waiting while the restaurant fulfilled delivery orders for companies like Deliveroo, UBER Eats, and JustEat.

Despite being in the store waiting for his order, the workers prioritized the delivery drivers, handing them their packages before attending to the father’s order. Patel claimed that he had waited for fifteen minutes, but a review of the security footage revealed that he had waited for eight minutes. Regardless, waiting for a blended treat at a fast-food restaurant for eight minutes is still a long time.

Speaking to Metro, the furious father expressed his disappointment in McDonald’s.

He said, “I’d only gone in there for two McFlurries and a milkshake. With it just being drinks, it should only take five minutes for them to get it ready. It feels like if you actually go into the restaurant. You’re kind of ignored like the delivery orders are more important.”

After the father’s story went viral, McDonald’s issued a statement, saying, “Customer satisfaction is a priority of ours, and we place great emphasis on providing a fantastic experience to everyone who orders at McDonald’s, be it in-store, through the drive-thru, or via our delivery partners.”

However, this isn’t the first time in-person diners have complained about delivery orders getting priority. An anonymous person posted on Reddit about how they witnessed delivery orders being prioritized over their order, even though they had gone into the restaurant and ordered it from a customer in person.

“I went to eat in KFC before, and at least a quarter of the restaurant was full of orange, blue and black square food carriers. You could barely move near the till, and sitting anywhere near them was just a constant rush of people with said bags rushing in and out.”

This raises the question of whether restaurants should prioritize in-person customers over delivery orders. While delivery has become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic, it is important not to forget the customers who come in person to the restaurant. Perhaps restaurants should find a balance between the two, ensuring that both delivery and in-person customers are satisfied.

The incident at McDonald’s in West Yorkshire highlights the importance of customer satisfaction. While delivery orders are essential, it is equally important to prioritize in-person customers. Restaurants must strive to find a balance between the two to ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience when ordering food, whether it be in-store, through the drive-thru, or via delivery partners.

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