McCarthy Is Prepping To Cut One Of Nancy Pelosi’s Big Pet Projects….


House Republicans have made strides in their effort to abolish the ‘House Office of Diversity and Inclusion,’ as they deem it unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The GOP-driven House, in a major stride forward, moved to dismantle the overbearing legacy of Democratic rule this Wednesday. They are seeking to abolish an office embodying ‘wokeness’, a brainchild of the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California.

The focal point of their move involves the suspension of funding for the ‘House Office of Diversity and Inclusion.’ This feature forms part of the 2024 Budget Appropriations bill that is currently being debated with the Democrat-dominated Senate and the White House.

The office, supposedly, is designed to sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce. Initiated during the 116th Congress, the House unveiled the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) to reflect the diversity of America within the House workforce.

This office was inaugurated by Democrats in January 2019 following their majority takeover of the chamber. Pelosi, on its establishment, said that the office would develop a diversity plan for the House of Representatives, guiding House offices in the enhancement of recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse workforce.

Furthermore, Pelosi stated that the office would function as a resource for House offices, elevating the consciousness of diversity matters among Congressional staff. The office, according to her, was independent and nonpartisan.

However, the House Republican bill advocates for a planned reorganization of the Chief Administrative Office, which includes revamping the functions of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This revamp, according to Republicans, would save millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

As per Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), DEI offices are not needed in Congress or anywhere in the federal government. Banks applauded the Republicans on the Legislative Branch Subcommittee for agreeing with this stance and eliminating the funding for the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion. He expressed his hope that all Republicans appropriators would echo this decision and cancel funding for DEI programs across all federal agencies.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) condemned these programs as racist and divisive, only serving to advance the agenda of the woke, left-wing narrative.

Banks disclosed that American taxpayers have already expended over $3 million on funding the office.

In a letter to a congressional subcommittee in March, Banks wrote that ‘wokeness’ promotes division among Americans based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. He said that it blames so-called ‘oppressors’ for all current inequality and suffering.

In the same letter, Banks emphasized his belief that wokeness views America’s prosperity and success as the byproduct of past wrongs. It aims to replace the legal equality guaranteed by the Constitution with government-ordered equity, or equal outcome.

The Republican majority in the House is not vast, yet under Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s guidance, they have been successful in achieving significant components of their “Commitment to America” agenda.

The party has passed several bills during the brief four months they have controlled the chamber by a slim majority, as reported by Just the News.

Speaker McCarthy has announced that a Republican-majority House would vote to remove federal funding for a potential 87,000 new IRS agents. This move comes in response to the inclusion of such funding in the Democrats’ $780 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

This Democrat Bill, passed through budget reconciliation without Republican backing, was approved shortly before the GOP assumed control of the lower chamber. In January, following the initiation of the new Congress session, the new Republican majority passed a bill to annul the additional IRS funding.

The ‘Commitment,’ introduced in September 2022, pledged to advance several conservative legislative priorities. As per the report, House Republicans have managed to pass most of them as promised.

Sources: Conservativebrief, BreitbartNews

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