Martha Stewart Just Released A Topless Photo, And People Are…


It’s no secret that America is obsessed with pumpkin spice, whose annual arrival marks the unofficial start of the autumn season. The question is: Pumpkin spice lovers, how far are you willing to go for your beloved drink?

Well, for Martha Stewart, the lifestyle icon went topless for the popular seasonal beverage (I’m being so serious).

The 81-year-old Octogenarian strips down to just an apron to peddle Green Mountain Coffee Roasters pumpkin spice pods. Leaving many thirsting over Stewart herself rather than the trendy flavor.

The flirty video is set in a kitchen with pots and pans hanging behind Stewart as she appeared in a white apron and clutches a mug of coffee. The Green Mountain logo was visible in the center of the apron, and it was immediately obvious that Stewart was braless.

“Oh hi there. I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of Pumpkin Spice,” Stewart said. “From Green Mountain coffee roasters and nothing else, literally. Just look at this, a thing of natural beauty— no, no, no not me,” she said, as she looked into the camera.

Stewart continued to stare into the camera as she continued to endorse the coffee company.

“My Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Coffee it’s made with natural flavors that means they’ve stripped away the artificial and left nothing but goodness … what can I say we have a lot in common,” Stewart said.

“Well, one thing was that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters started to make it in a very natural way,” she said. “So it really tastes like pumpkin and it really tastes like spice. I can taste the various good flavors. This actually is very tasty.”

In addition to Pumpkin Spice, Green Mountain’s fall lineup will also include Maple Pecan and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut-flavored coffee. All three flavors will be available as K-Cup pods.

Many of Stewarts’ 1.7 million followers flooded the comments section of her Instagram page with words of praise for her seemingly ageless physique and her carefully crafted thirst trap video. The witty advertisement captured a lot of attention, with tens of thousands of people ‘liking’ the page.

Ellen Pompeo was among the first to respond to Stewart’s steamy ad campaign by posting the comment “Day Made 🔥,”

Watch the video below for more details:


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