Man Who Admitted to Jurors That He Shot Up a Clinic and Set Off Pipe Bombs Has Been Convicted of Murder


Booking photo of Gregory Paul Ulrich

Gregory Paul Ulrich

Jurors convicted a man of murder and other charges after hearing him testify that he shot up a Minnesota health clinic. Gregory Paul Ulrich, 69, will get a mandatory sentence of life in prison for the homicide in a hearing scheduled for June 17.

For both sides of the case, this wasn’t a question as to whether he opened fire and set off pipe bombs at the Allina Health Clinic in the city of Buffalo, Minnesota on Feb. 9, 2021. This was a question as to whether he truly planned on killing anyone under the definition first-degree premeditated murder. Medical assistant Lindsay Overbay, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, with the round passing through her liver and spine before exiting out her back. Four other clinic staffers survived getting shot.

Authorities said there were years of build up, as Ulrich engaged in threats and homicidal ideation against local healthcare providers. He reportedly had terrible pain after a 2016 surgery on his spine and tailbone, but he could not get medication to relieve that pain, he said. Doctors reportedly cut him off when they believed he was abusing the medication.

Ulrich was previously charged with threatening a mass shooting at a local clinic on Oct. 13, 2018. A judge rejected his attempt to plead guilty in 2019 to violating a restraining order, and a prosecutor dismissed the case because Ulrich was considered mentally incompetent.

“He didn’t like the doctor. He didn’t like the hospital. He didn’t like the clinic because nobody would bend over to give him his painkillers anymore,” former neighbor Raymond Zandstra said.

Ulrich made a video about six weeks before the Allina shooting, discussing wanting to get a gun,…


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