Liberals Heads Explode After Ohio Governor Signs Legislation That Crushes Biden


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine just signed a bill into law that is causing liberal’s heads to explode.

Gov. DeWine does not want a Uvalde, Texas-type shooting to occur on his watch and recently signed a bill making it easier for teachers to arm themselves while in school.

“In life we make choices, and we don’t always know what the outcome is going to be,” DeWine said at a press conference. “What this Legislature has done, I’ve done by signing it, is giving schools an option based on their particular circumstances to make the best decision they can make with the best information they have. That’s all any decision-maker can do.”

Schools in Ohio have traditionally allowed teachers to carry weapons but they would have to undergo 700 hours of training first. The new bill allows teachers – approved by their school districts – to carry after they have completed a 24 hours course that the state has approved.

From Fox News:

After an employee is cleared to go armed, the law, as enacted, requires up to eight hours of annual training. The training programs must be approved by the Ohio School Safety Center, and DeWine announced he’s ordering the center to require the maximum 24 hours and the maximum eight hours.

Schools can provide additional training if they wish, DeWine said.

The Republican governor outlined several other school safety measures he and lawmakers have promoted, including $100 million for school security upgrades in schools and $5 million for upgrades at colleges.

The state is also adding 28 employees to the school safety center to work with districts on safety issues and to provide training under the new law. Ohio has also provided $1.2 billion in wellness funding for schools to address mental health and other issues, the governor said.

Once the bill passed, DeWine said his office “worked with the General Assembly to remove hundreds of hours of curriculum irrelevant to school safety and to ensure training requirements were specific to a school environment and contained significant scenario-based training.”

“House Bill 99 accomplishes these goals, and I thank the General Assembly for passing this bill to protect Ohio children and teachers,” he said. “I look forward to signing this important legislation.”

The Ohio Governor also recently signed legislation that stopped radical Democrats from outlawing people from carrying pocket knives.



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