Liberal Gun Grabber Pushes Restraining Orders to Take Guns!


Denyse Wang Stoneback is the Illinois House Representative for the Land of Lincoln’s 16th District north of Chicago. A longtime gun control advocate, Rep. Stoneback founded something called People for a Safer Society.

The PSS site says . . .

People for a Safer Society is a gun violence prevention organization founded in early 2013, shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The organization aims to educate people and raise awareness of gun violence. 

The organization facilitates education, awareness, and advocacy that can make a difference on local, state, and federal levels. In addition to pushing for common sense gun laws, People for a Safer Society informs communities about non-legislative solutions, such as divestment from gun manufacturers.

People for a Safer Society is based in Skokie, Illinois, and has engaged communities throughout the Chicagoland area.

In short, Stoneback appears to be a Shannon Watts wannabe who wasn’t successful or savvy enough to catch the eye (or the wallet) of a big bucks benefactor like Michael Bloomberg. She was able, however, to parlay her gun control advocacy into a Chicago Tribune endorsement and a seat in the Illinois House.

One of the gun control measures Rep. Stoneback helped push over the line before being elected was the Firearms Restraining Order Act, Illinois’ version of a red flag confiscation law. Once in office, she helped expand the law so that more people, including ex-spouses and those with common children, could drop a dime on a gun owner and move to confiscate their firearms.

Now Rep. Stoneback is making sure that all of her constituents know about the law and can easily petition a court to grab the guns of someone they know and love (or just someone with whom they have a beef).

Because what good is creating a way for just about anyone to disarm someone they know if no one is aware of it?

As the flyer states (after quoting the bogus statistic that the Highland Park July 4th shooting was the 322nd mass shooting so far this year) . . .

If you know a person in crisis, you can prevent a gun tragedy. Family and household members can request a FRO from the courts directly, and anyone can request that a FRO be filed through law enforcement to temporarily remove guns and prevent the purchase of new guns by individuals who pose a significant risk of harm to themselves and others. 

Of course, the Illinois law, like virtually every red flag confiscation law, is a due process-free affair. The target of the confiscation order isn’t informed until police arrive to grab his or her guns. Only then can they respond in court and try to prove that they aren’t a danger to anyone and should have their firearms returned.

As Rep. Stoneback claims in the flyer.

Research shows these laws are effective when people are aware of them and use them properly, and countless mass shootings, homicides, and suicides have been prevented nationwide. (emphasis added)

Rep. Stoneback wants to make it as easy as possible for her constituents to swear out a complaint and grab someone’s — anyone’s — gun.


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