Lib School Caught Telling Students That Every White Person Is Evil…


An educator’s courageous stand against divisive diversity training exposes the alarming consequences of woke ideology infiltrating our classrooms, sparking a much-needed debate on the true purpose of education.

How can parents feel confident about sending their children to school when white students are taught that they should feel guilty simply for existing? A Kansas teacher is raising this question after condemning her school district for mandatory diversity training. Meanwhile, schools struggle to find teachers capable of teaching essential skills like reading or math amid a teacher shortage and recruitment challenges.

Caedran Sullivan, a former English teacher at Shawnee Mission School District, is speaking out after 15 years of teaching, feeling like an outdated relic in the age of emojis, TikTok, and fluid gender identities. She decided to break her silence in an opinion piece published in The Lion, exposing her former district for the “repeated white shaming” and “woke ideology” being promoted in classrooms.

The school district, according to Sullivan, mandates that employees attend Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) training and workshops that emphasize critical race theory and social justice causes in order to “decolonize” the classroom. This approach seems to foster guilt in white students, even at a young age, causing them to feel like second-class citizens in their own classrooms, while also contributing to a rising student suicide rate.

Sullivan goes on to say that the condescending tone of these DEI meetings has led many minorities and other staff members to stop attending. Meanwhile, the district is struggling to provide the basic academic education students need, focusing instead on a biased curriculum that places undue importance on topics such as the 58 gender options.

The situation is exacerbated by a worsening teacher shortage, forcing the district to pay millions of dollars to out-of-state agencies to recruit and retain more educators. This “indoctrination,” as Sullivan calls it, is driving away good teachers and creating a culture of contempt and disrespect that only serves to divide rather than inspire unity.

In her school alone, several teachers have already left, and others are considering leaving the profession. As students become increasingly reliant on visuals and emojis for communication, our society seems to be regressing. With white and Asian students being deliberately disadvantaged in favor of their darker-skinned peers, the future generation may find itself returning to a primitive form of communication.

The progressive agenda is undermining our education system and creating divisions among students and teachers alike. It’s time for parents, educators, and concerned citizens to stand up against this harmful and biased approach to education.

Source: Thegoptimes

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