Leftists Now View Swastikas as ‘Woke’


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The Telegraph recently published a piece that explains how the far-left radicals abandoned intersectionality and adopted another “unifying” ideology that even makes swastikas good enough to be considered “woke.”

Ryan Zickgraf, the author of the commentary, called this new ideology “It’s All One Thingism,” implying that everything is connected as long as this thing would help destroy Western civilization.

“Palestine is every single issue in one issue. It’s reproductive justice. It’s social justice. It’s a climate crisis… It’s not just one issue. It’s all the issues in one,” Scarlett Rabe, a singer-songwriter who describes herself as an anti-racist mother and an abolition feminist/womanist, said.

Zickgraf also used the “Death to America” crowd and the “Fatties for a Free Palestine” movement as examples of the new ideology. “Transgenders” — the people who, despite them never being able to survive even one hour inside Gaza, still support Palestine and Hamas — were also included as an example of “It’s All One Thingism.”

“It’s narcissistic identity politics on steroids, one where specific conditions and geography melt away completely. It’s no longer enough to have solidarity with the people of Palestinians in their time of plight. You must be them. Are you fat, trans, and live in, say, Evanston, Illinois? You are somehow in a shared position with starved and bombed-out citizens of Gaza,” the author wrote.

Zickgraf then mentioned Malcolm Harris, a communist writer, who earlier this month responded to CNN’s Jake Tapper’s report that the Pennsylvania synagogue he had bar mitzphaed at had been vandalized with a swastika. Instead of denouncing the action, Harris indirectly praised the anti-Semitic graffiti, reversing the Nazi symbol from bad to good, “from a Nazi threat to a condemnation of genocide.”

“America is evil, Hamas is good and swastikas are now woke. This is your brain on All One Thingism,” he wrote.



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