Leftist Smear Plot To Take Down GOP Senate Candidate Backfires Spectacularly


The left is getting incredibly desperate, and their plot to sink a GOP Senatitorial candidates campaign just backfired.

Georgia Republican candidate for Senate Herschel Walker was smeared by the left, claiming that he paid for a woman to have an abortion in 2009.

The claim was made by the liberal website The Daily Beast on October 4, 2022, and Walker has strongly denied the accusation.

“When the Democrats are losing, as they are right now, they lie and cheat and smear their opponents. That’s what’s happening right now. They know they are on the verge of losing the Senate, and they know that Herschel Walker is winning, so they have cranked up the smear machine,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott said in a statement.

“This is just like the smears they attempted against Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, and it will not work. Herschel has denied these allegations and the NRSC and Republicans stand with him, and Georgians will stand with him too,” he added.

The smear was launched as Walker continues to lead Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the polls.

It was a clear attack from the Democrats, but it backfired.

According to Washington Examiner reporter David Drucker, sources inside the Herchel Walker campaign confirmed the Republican candidate had a “record-breaking” fundraising day after the smear report was posted. Additionally, Walker raised $50,000 during his interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity stating that he is going to sue the Daily Beast.

Polling around the country shows that Democrats are even losing ground in blue states like New Jersey.

The old smear jobs traditionally done by the left just aren’t working anymore.


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