LEAKED Court Docs REVEAL Liberal Katie Porter Is A Hateful Domestic Abuser…


Newly uncovered court documents claim that Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) allegedly had a pattern of abusive behavior towards her ex-husband, Matthew Hoffman. This shocking revelation came to light in the Daily Mail just one day after Porter released her new memoir and as she pursues Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s soon-to-be-vacant seat in the Senate.

According to the documents, while married to Hoffman and sharing a household, Porter is said to have ruled her home with an iron fist during her rapid rise within the Democratic Party. The court records paint a picture of a Congresswoman who frequently lost her temper and screamed at her husband, even encouraging her children to follow suit.

One particularly disturbing allegation describes an incident in which Porter supposedly poured boiling hot mashed potatoes on her husband’s head, resulting in severe burns. The Daily Mail article recounts the story as follows:

“In March 2013, Porter and her then-husband Matthew Hoffman filed for divorce but decided to continue living together for the benefit of their three children. However, their relationship only deteriorated further, culminating in both parties filing restraining orders against each other and making accusations of abuse. Hoffman claimed that in one heated moment, Porter dumped a bowl of scalding hot mashed potatoes on his head.”

The documents go on to reveal that from 2009, Porter was the sole provider for the family, while Hoffman stayed at home with their children. Hoffman alleges that his ex-wife exhibited “extreme anger” and had a history of “snapping and screaming” at both him and their children. He also accuses her of self-inflicting scratches on her arms and blames him for the marks.

Hoffman claims that Porter frequently hurled insults such as “you fing idiot!” and “you’re fing incompetent.” He also stated that she refused to allow him to have a cell phone, saying, “you’re too f***ing dumb to operate it.”

The alleged potato-throwing incident is said to have occurred in 2006, in front of their eldest child, who was seated in a high chair. Hoffman recounts the event as follows:

“In the Spring of 2006, Porter entered the kitchen while I was making mashed potatoes for dinner. Our oldest child, Luke, was sitting in his highchair when Porter glanced at the ceramic bowl of potatoes and shouted, ‘Can’t you read the f***ing instructions!’ She then grabbed the bowl and dumped the steaming hot potatoes on my head, burning my scalp.”

These troubling allegations resurfaced shortly after Porter appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show to promote her memoir and criticize her colleagues, including Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Porter remarked during a lengthy monologue, “It’s hard to go to work every day with Marjorie Taylor Greene as a colleague.”

As voters and fellow politicians take note of these allegations, it remains to be seen how they will impact Porter’s bid for the Senate and her political career. Regardless of one’s political leanings, these revelations raise serious questions about Porter’s character and her ability to represent her constituents effectively.

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