KARMA: Footage Showing R. Kelly Being Beaten By Other Inmates Has Been Released…


Disgraced singer faces backlash and scrutiny in prison for his alleged predatory behavior, raising concerns about inmate safety and the role of prison staff in a recent violent incident against him.

We all know that child predators and rapists are universally despised in prisons across the United States, and despite his fame, singer R. Kelly is no exception. As he awaits trial for numerous counts of sexual misconduct in various states, inmates in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center view him as a predator who exploited vulnerable teenage girls. A recent attack on Kelly in prison, which left him with significant injuries, raises questions about the facility’s security and whether the staff may have “encouraged” the assault.

While R. Kelly‘s trial looms, the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” highlights his heinous actions, including trafficking and imprisoning young women as sex slaves. It is crucial to remember that these serious allegations involve the exploitation of innocent young lives, predominantly young Black girls who were seeking success in the music industry.

Gang member Jeremiah Shane Farmer, who attacked Kelly last August, has blamed security guards for allowing him to “roam a great distance” before the assault took place. Kelly’s attorneys are now questioning if the prison staff facilitated the attack, a claim that should be investigated thoroughly to ensure the integrity of the criminal justice system. Nevertheless, it is important not to lose sight of the horrendous crimes R. Kelly stands accused of committing.

R. Kelly’s bail was denied last month due to concerns about him being a flight risk and a potential danger to the community. With his history of preying on vulnerable young Black girls, this decision was made in the interest of public safety. The recent attack on R. Kelly raises concerns about prison security and the role of the staff. However, the primary focus should remain on the victims of his alleged crimes and seeking justice for them.

Farmer, a Latin Kings gang member serving a life sentence for racketeering and a double homicide, claims he was “forced” to attack R. Kelly to bring attention to “government corruption.” While R. Kelly‘s attorneys argue that prison staff should be questioned about their involvement in the attack, we must not lose focus on the main issue at hand: ensuring that R. Kelly is held accountable for his alleged crimes against innocent young women.

The recent court documents suggest that the prison staff may have knowingly allowed the attack on R. Kelly to occur, indicating a potential lapse in security within the facility. However, R. Kelly’s lead attorney, Thomas Farinella, shifts the focus to Kelly as the “victim” of the attack, arguing that the Bureau of Prisons cannot adequately keep him safe. It is essential to remember that the real victims are the young women who were allegedly preyed upon and exploited by R. Kelly.

As we examine the issue of prison security and the possible involvement of prison staff in the attack on R. Kelly, we must not forget the countless victims of his alleged crimes. The focus should remain on seeking justice for these young women and ensuring that R. Kelly is held accountable for his actions. The safety and well-being of our communities, particularly our most vulnerable members, must remain our top priority.

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