Kari Lake Beneficiary Of Liz Cheney’s Attack Ad That Backfired


Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake mocked Liz Cheney for her recent attack ad, claiming she has raised “hundreds of thousands of dollars” since it was released.

KARI LAKE: My goodness. I’m telling you, she is going to be our best fundraiser yet. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since her ad started and since we put that letter out… She is hated by both sides right now… we’re actually bringing Democrats over to our movement. They don’t like Liz Cheney either. And for her to think that she can come into Arizona and try to influence this election, it’s comical. It’s sad and a little bit scary. I think the scariest costume you could put on for Halloween would be Liz Cheney. You’ll get no candy at anyone’s door.

Cheney’s attack ad began with the RINO claiming that she could not recall if she has ever voted for a Democrat, but telling her audience that she would this year if she lived in Arizona:

“You have a candidate for governor, Kari Lake, you have a candidate for secretary of state, Mark Finchem, both of whom have said that they will only honor the results of an election if they agree with it,” Cheney says in a clip from her recent appearance at a McCain Institute event at Arizona State University’s campus in Tempe.

“And if you care about the survival of our republic, we cannot give people power who will not honor elections.”

Lake responded to Cheney on Friday in a letter posted on Twitter, thanking her for “a generous in-kind contribution” to her campaign.

“Your recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite,” Lake said. “Our campaign donations are skyrocketing and our website nearly crashed from traffic as people rushed to learn more about my plan to put Arizona First and join our historic political movement.”


Liz was voted out this year by her own supporters and now vows to vote all blue in the current midterms. Between her track record and her part in the J6 committee, I’m not surprised to see that Lake actually received a boost after Cheney tried to smear her.

Erica Carlin is an independent journalist, opinion writer and contributor to several news and opinion sources. She is based in Georgia.

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