Kamala’s ‘Solution’ For Inflation Shows The Administration Is CLUELESS


Since the Biden administration has been in office it’s been fun holding them accountable and calling out their mistakes. But, things are not funny anymore and Vice President Kamala Harris’s solution for inflation has left the country in shock.

Even those that didn’t like President Trump couldn’t ignore the fact that he created the best economy the country had ever seen. Despite the fact that liberals hated it, Trump also secured our country by doing everything in his power to secure our southern border and ensuring the country is energy independent.

Those steps allowed Trump to push China around and gave him a lot of leverage when international crises hit because we weren’t dependent on anyone.

But, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats took that all away.

Now we have record prices that are crushing everyday Americans.

While attending a Sheet Metal Worker’s Union event Kamala Harris gave a “solution” when she was asked about inflation.

“I acknowledge one must acknowledge that prices are going up,” Kamala said in response to a question. “People are working hard. And in many cases, are worried if they can get through the end of the month and make it all work.”

A reporter almost begged for a better answer and asked, “People just want an endpoint. Do you have an endpoint to give them?”

“What I can say is that people deserve to know that their president, that our administration, is concerned enough to do something about it, so that is what we are doing,” Harris said.

That’s it…that’s their solution and that’s what has Americans shocked. There is no one behind the wheel trying to figure out what to do next.


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