Kamala Finally Makes Her First Smart Decision But It’s Bad News For Biden


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

It only took her a year and a half but Vice President Kamala Harris finally made a smart decision.

As the formula crisis worsens and gas prices continue to climb after Joe “fixed” them Kamala hopped on a plane and got out 5,000 miles away.

She’s trying to distance herself and wash her hands of what Joe has done (it won’t work).

Just a couple of days after President Sheikh Khalifa bin Azyed Al Nahyan, of the United Arab Emirates, passed away Kamala announced she will personally go there to offer her condolences.

“In addition to honoring the memory and the legacy of Sheikh Khalifa, the Vice President will underscore the strength of the partnership between our countries and our desire to further deepen our ties in the coming months and years,” Kamala’s press secretary Kirsten Allen said on Saturday, May 14.

Kamala takes off while Biden is dealing with several crises of his own making including the border that she was supposed to “fix.”

Kamala also left when gas prices climbed to another record high for the 8th straight day in a row.

Gas isn’t the only price going up, electric companies are raising prices, Amazon is raising prices, and wireless phone carriers are raising prices.

It’s no wonder Kamala left she wants to distance herself from Joe but it’s too late for that.


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