JUSTICE: “He Shot My Arm Off!”


Ready for the best video you’ll see all day?

It’s so good.

From ArtValley on Twitter, this is an ABC7 video showing what appears to be an armed robber with a rifle (or some kind of heavy weapon) heading in to rob a liquor store/convenience store.

He thinks he has an easy target….BAM!

Just watch:

It’s hard to pick a favorite part…

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It might be the store owner (I assume), who appears to be in his/her early 100s with bleached white hair, who took this thug down in one shot.

That’s a pretty strong candidate for a favorite.

It could be that a good guy with a gun got a good outcome!

Love that.

Or it could be this thug running out of the store like a little bitch screaming, “he shot my arm off!”

So good.

Let me know your favorite part in the comments below…


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