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Last month, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s lawyers requested Judge Aileen Cannon to keep certain documents under seal due to their highly sensitive classified nature.

However, Judge Cannon denied this request and the records remain visible in the case against Trump.

“In light of the Special Counsel’s Response to Defendants Motion to Unseal 230, and mindful of the strong presumption in favor of public access to judicial documents, the Clerk is directed to unseal docket entries 223, 224, and 230,” Judge Cannon’s 4 order reads.

In response to this order, on November 22 Smith requested that his filing be kept under seal due to its containing government plans for deleting highly sensitive classified information from sharable discovery.

Judge Cannon determined that Smith had not provided sufficient justification for this request as the motions did not contain or otherwise reveal any classified information.

A Friday court document subsequently revealed a response to the initial order of unsealing in which Smith’s team agreed to unseal said documents but with some redactions proposed by prosecutors.

The defendants did not oppose these redactions but reserved the right to challenge them at a later date; Smith further stated that as Judge Cannon rejected these proposed redactions and ordered an unredacted version of two docket entries be provided to defense counsel, there was no longer any need for keeping them sealed from public view.

“The defendants did not oppose the Government’s request, but reserved the right to challenge them later,” Smith wrote, adding that a full unsealing could disclose classified defense counsel information about how government’s CIPA motion.

“This is the same information that the Government proposed redacting. Because the Court rejected that position and ordered the Government to provide unredacted versions of the two docket entries to defense counsel, there is no justification for keeping them from the public.”

Last month, Judge Aileen Cannon ordered some pretrial deadlines to be rescheduled however, she denied the request of President Trump to postpone the May 20 trial date in the classified documents case for the present.

The documents in question have been deemed highly sensitive and classified by the Special Counsel, making it difficult for anyone to access them without permission.

However, Judge Cannon denied this request,…



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