Joe Biden Sparks Outrage with Violent Comments Towards Trump


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President Joe Biden addressed the North America’s Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference in Washington DC on Wednesday, where he received the group’s endorsement for his reelection campaign.

However, his speech during the event was widely considered to be disastrous and garnered mixed reactions from the audience.

During his speech, Biden appeared to rely heavily on the teleprompter for guidance, leading to awkward pauses and stilted delivery.

At one point, he attempted to rouse enthusiasm from the crowd by posing the question “Four more years?” before pausing, seemingly unsure of how to proceed.

This lackluster attempt at engaging with the audience did little to inspire confidence in his leadership abilities.

In a particularly controversial moment, Biden made a remark suggesting physical violence towards President Donald Trump.

He spoke of imagined scenarios where individuals would want to confront someone like Trump and expressed a desire to deliver a “straight left” punch.

The crowd’s reaction to this statement was a mix of laughter and discomfort, as such language coming from a sitting president was highly unusual and inappropriate.

Realizing the potential repercussions of his words, Biden quickly backtracked on his comment about punching Trump by injecting sarcasm into his speech.

He clarified that he was not advocating for violence against the president, but by then the damage had already been done.


Biden has repeatedly threatened violence against Trump.

“I’ll beat him like a drum,” Biden said of Trump during the 2020 election.


Here’s a compilation of Biden the bully (click through to see the video):

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