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On Friday, Joe and Jill Biden visited Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. During their visit, Jill Biden read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ to a group of patients, while Joe Biden interacted with the children.

He even went so far as to request that 10-year-old Sumukh Arunkumar come over and sit on his lap, jokingly promising to promote him to “Congressman.”

“Come here, Mr. Mayor,” Biden said as he gestured for the child to sit on his lap. “I’m going to promote him. I’m going to make him a congressman.”

“It’s special, special what you do,” Biden said as he thanked the staff.

Then he made the visit to the children’s hospital about himself.

“Jill and I spent time, the same like you parents do, with our children, other circumstances,” Biden said making the visit all about himself.

He continued, “But you know, that old expression where there’s life there’s hope. Hopefully you kids are going to come back when you’re out of the hospital and hang out with other kids and you will know what’s it’s like, right?”

Biden added, “So thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. And I’ll see you hopefully before next Christmas. The next Christmas I see you maybe I’ll see you at the White House.”

Jill Biden departed while Joe remained to converse with the children for a period of time.


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