Jill Biden Gets Blasted After Getting Caught Spreading Misinformation, ‘What A Load Of Cr*p!’


First Lady Jill Biden is in hot water after being caught spreading misinformation.

The First Lady appeared with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy in a Public Service Announcement addressing the Joe Biden caused baby formula shortage.

“Becoming a mom or dad means falling in love deeper than you ever thought possible,” Jill Biden, began. “And in those first few months of sleepless nights of endless diapers and dirty dishes and worrying about every little danger, your love can feel like the only thing that keeps you going.”

Jill told parents that they are “doing an incredible job.”

“I know you are worried about how you are going to feed your baby. The president sees you, he hears you, and his team is working around the clock to get you what you need,” she added.

Murthy claimed that Joe Biden is “working tirelessly” to increase the supply of baby formula.

“I know that you have questions. Any parent would. So, call your pediatrician. They can provide you the best, most updated advice,” Jill Biden said in conclusion.


Parents fumed at the PSA knowing that Jill was lying.

“What a load of c**p. Basically you’re saying, if your baby can hang on for however long, you may have formula produced in another country?” one person commented. “This message shares ZERO about help from the shortage. Babies cannot go without it.”

“In other words we are reacting now because people noticed that we weren’t doing our job,” another said.

The total number of children hospitalized due to the shortage is now six.


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