Israel Has KILLED A Top Gamas Commander And Took DOZENS Of Terrorists With Him…


This week, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) carried out pinpoint airstrikes within Jabaliya, a city in northern Gaza, killing a prominent Hamas commander and dozens of more terrorists.

After Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists killed 1,400 Israelis, injured 5,300+, and kidnapped over 240 on October 7, the IDF began its operations inside Gaza.

As the head of the Jabaliya Battalion, Ibrahim Biari was singled out because he “was responsible for a substantial region from whence the terrorists came to carry out the slaughter in Israel on October 7th…

According to IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, “he was a senior terrorist who has been the dominant leader of their military activity during this war in northern Gaza.”

Israel’s detractors and the worldwide left quickly labeled the attack on the terrorist facilities as a bombing of a “refugee camp,” claiming that hundreds of innocent people were murdered. Similar fury was expressed when Hamas falsely claimed last month that Israel bombarded a hospital, killing 500 people, when in reality a terrorist missile malfunctioned and exploded in the hospital parking area, killing an estimated significantly lower number of people.

There was intensive combat for possession of the terrorist stronghold, according to Ynet, one of Israel’s leading magazines, when IDF forces found Hamas had adopted a “disturbing tactic.”

“Roughly 100 women and children were pushed forward by Hamas to act as a human barrier,” the report said.

Hagari said that the strike on the terrorist facilities “additionally caused the collapse of the underground military infrastructure, including terror tunnels under the camp, which further caused the collapse of additional structures.”

“These once again demonstrates how murderous terrorists use civilians as a ‘human shield,’ civilians whom we have called upon to evacuate for their own safety,” he added. “This is a cynical tactic that they have, and will continue, to employ. During the fighting, Sinwar and all of Hamas’ senior officials are attempting to manufacture images of a destroyed Gaza and dead Gazans at the hands of Israel and the IDF.”

As a senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, former Trump administration official and Director for Countering Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction Richard Goldberg has pushed back on claims that Israel had bombed a “refugee camp.”

“Did Israel target civilians? No. Israel targeted terrorists,” he posted on X. “Did Israel hit a refugee camp? No. Israel hit Hamas. The UN calls the area a ‘refugee camp’ but it has no refugees & is not a camp. Was it a war crime? Hamas with UN help did commit a war crime by using human shields.”

Speaking for the Israeli government, Eylon Levy said that the terrorist infrastructure Israel attacked was a “legitimate military target” and that the region was “not a refugee camp.”

He also said that for the past three weeks, Israel has been warning all Palestinians to leave northern Gaza.



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