ISIS Fighter Discovers What Not To do The HARD WAY


In today’s video from one of our favorites, Funker 530, we bring you an example of what not to do.  The fighter we will follow is with a small group of fellow ISIS fighters and he is attempting to root out a single Iraqi Soldier who is holed up in a small building somewhere in the war torn deserts of Iraq.  The man is equipped with an AK47, as you would expect, and is wearing a helmet mounted camera.  First person action here y’all!  Let’s break this down.

Shoving your gun through a wall hole isn’t the first step? Not the correct one.

Opens with failure…

The brief 2 minute video opens up with a top down view of an AK47 being fired by our haphazard cameraman and narrator.  He has his weapon sticking into a hole in the rear of the house opposite the front door that is off-set low and to the left from the rear vantage in relation to the front door.  This will be relevant later.

His AK goes in the hole all the way to the magazine, as far as he can fit it in there.  He fires a few rounds blindly into the house through the hole.  This was his first mistake.  When attempting to clear a structure, never expose yourself or your weapon to the view of the occupants of said structure.  This is a rule he will violate repeatedly for the last 2 minutes of his life.

The hole he shoved his gun in, is circled in red. Now he yells from his new POS. Moron!

Broadcasting his POS

After firing he stands up and turns to reveal to us, another of his brethren ISIS fighters.  This guy is just standing there like he’s waiting for a bus.  Our cameraman then turns back to the house and yells a few commands.  Not sure if it is to the Iraqi or tactics to his cohorts, but either way, he has just revealed his position again.  After a few words in a language I do not speak, he holds up his rifle like a moron like a flag next to his head.  Broadcasting his position.  He walks in this manner to a windows on the left side of the house from the rear vantage we started from.


Hey, I’m over here now!

Shut Up Dude!

And here is another error.  He walks up to the side window, points his gun at it, then yells commands back to a cohort.  Revealing his position visibly with the gun and audibly with his damn mouth.  He then proceeds to casually stroll around to the front of the house.  He rounds the corner leisurely and approaches a window.  Then he screws up again.  He fires a shot, unaimed, high and in no particular direction into the house.  Now our brave single Iraqi knows the guy behind him is now in front of him.


BANG! I’m over here now!

Cascading failures

Now I’ll shoot the front door! Knock Knock!

After taking a single shot into the window, his compatriot opposite the front door begins firing into the house through the closed door.  Broadcasting to one and all, that “now we are at the door.  Get ready to shoot us!”  Our Iraqi is, trust me.  And to help the Iraqi nail down how many and where they are, our ISIS fighter cameraman begins firing too, through the closed front door.

I don’t see him.  Maybe it’s safe?

And then the final errors occur.  The ISIS fighter’s final seconds begin as he quickly kicks the front door in a lackluster attempt at a dynamic entry.  He yells a command at this point, and I think it is for his friend to go in, but his friend does not.  He just fires a single blind shot high, and position revealing, of the ISIS degenerates.  It’s all irrelevant now, because now the brave Iraqi knows, “here they come.”

Don’t shoot, go in!

Fatal Errors

Fine I’ll go in! (Too Late)

The frustrated hapless ISIS fighter then takes it upon himself to breach, alone.  He raises his rifle and uses it to open the door, slowly.  Not a terrible technique, but it is the way he does it.  Using the rifle as an arm extension only, not a first angle of attack advantage on a door that opens into a building.  Once the door is open enough he ventures a foot inside.  And that’s when 2, 3 round bursts of assault rifle fire cut him down like he’s fresh mowed grass.

This Is His End…

The final moment. Yes that’s his blood. No I don’t know what that says…

The final moments of the ISIS fighters wasted life are captured as he lays in the dirt, blood oozing from his body. In the bottom left corner of the screen behind the Arabic writing on the video, you can see his hand slowly raise a bit and then lower.  Still crooked in the position of holding his AK-47, but no rifle is there.  His hand acts like an Electrocardiogram as it raises, then lowers, slowly raises again, then down, and dead. Flatline. With the weapons fire, it sounds like the Iraqi gave them one hell of a fight.

The NSFW video in question:

How To Do This Better

So how would you properly assault this position if you started in the same POS as our now very dead ISIS fighter?  The simple answer is, quickly and quietly, till the kill shot.  The initial mistake of the dead as a doornail ISIS dude was shoving his gun deep into the hole at the rear of the house.  This told the target in the house they where there.  Never reveal your position unless you have to.  These guys practically had a live band with them they where so damn loud.

Set Up a Flank

Setting up a tactical flank, properly.

He should have staged his “waiting for a bus” guy at that hole, back from it, at an extreme angle looking inside.  This hole could have been used to monitor the target inside the house.  But our brilliant tacticians used it to initially broadcast their presence and reveal their intentions.  Idiots that payed for that with at least the cameraman’s life for sure.  Everything else they did was also completely wrong.

Proper Communication

Hand signals work when you can’t hear AND when you want to be quiet.

After staging the guy at the rear flanking position, he should have used hand commands for silent communication.  He should have stayed low and quiet as he moved to the front of the building.  He should not have fired a single shot till he had the target dead to rights.  No blind firing!  This ain’t no damn video game!  Once at the front door, he had the other guy with him.  3 guys to take out one is a good advantage.  A surprise entry with a rear flank setup would be an almost assured victory for ISIS.

How To Enter


The biggest disadvantage tactically, other than all they did wrong, was the use of a shitty dynamic entry.  90% of the time, even with flash bangs or breaching charges, the point man on a breach gets shot.  When our guy kicked the door, his friend should have immediately entered the room at an angle pushing towards the right rear corner, where our watcher/flanking position is.  And after his entry at that angle, the now super dead guy, should have immediately cut the angle, towards the opposite corner of the room, pushing hard.

Better Chance at Success

That would have at least insured the second guy in had a chance to make the kill shot, and if both get killed upon entry, the rear flank, may have a chance to get the kill.  But we all saw what happened.  Lackluster, untrained bullshit, that lead to a life cut short for our religious zealot and a great “what not to do,” video for all of you.  Pulling off CQC room clearing and dynamic entries is the most difficult and dangerous tasks our professional warfighters attempt.  Not any old whack job with an AK can do it and live to tell the tale.



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