Immigrants Quarter in NYC School, Triggering Pandemic-era Remote Classes – The Conservative


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) New York City relocated approximately 2,000 illegal aliens from a makeshift tent shelter to a Brooklyn high school ahead of a major storm on the East Coast, city officials announced Tuesday. 

This relocation forced James Madison High School students into pandemic-era remote classrooms, igniting frustration among already fed-up New Yorkers and raising concerns that the illegal immigrants might not be removed from the school until summer.

As reported by the New York Post, a resident expressed dismay at the funneling of immigrants into his neighborhood.

“This is f—ed up. It’s a litmus test. They are using a storm, a legitimate situation, where they are testing this out. I guarantee you they’ll be here for the entire summer,” rebuked the concerned man. 

Drawing attention to the lack of vetting for illegal aliens, he reportedly added, “There’s 1,900 people getting thrown into my neighborhood… They’re not vetted. A lot of them have criminal records and backgrounds and we don’t even know.”

Echoing the resident’s concerns, a fired-up mother named Michelle screamed at the arriving the buses. “How do you feel? Does it feel good?” she yelled, according to the NY Post. “How does it feel that you kicked all the kids out of school tomorrow? Does it feel good? I hope you feel good. I hope you will sleep very well tonight!”

However, New Yorkers weren’t the only ones expressing dissatisfaction, as some of the illegal aliens themselves complained about the relocation. “They want us like animals, sending us from here to there,” said a Venezuelan woman in a Spanish interview with a local news outlet named the City. “This is craziness.” 

The city government announced the relocation as a precautionary measure due to the looming storm expected to bring heavy winds and flash floods. 

James Madison High School, a public school, issued a subsequent statement informing parents about the remote classes on Tuesday.

“I am writing with an update regarding the activation of James Madison High School as a temporary overnight respite center due to the forecast of potential high winds and flooding conditions beginning this evening through tomorrow morning,” JMHS Principal Jodie Cohen declared. “To ensure a smooth transition for families temporarily sheltering overnight in the building, our school building will be closed on Wednesday, January 10 and school will be in session remotely for all students.” 

This move follows widespread criticism directed at both the federal government and the New York City government for the increasing number of illegal aliens flooding the city’s streets.



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