If A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words Here’s Why The Media Never Shows A Wide Shot Of Biden’s Speeches


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and boy are they right.

Ever notice when Joe Biden gives a public speech, the camera stays tight on him, and there is never a wide angle?

For example, note the camera angle when Biden mocked gun owners by telling them they would need F-15s to defend themselves.

Based on the camera angle one would imagine that Biden is speaking to a group the size of the one below, which was a Trump rally earlier this summer.

But Fox News did take a wide shot during Biden’s speech and…well.we’ll let the video below speak for itself.

They keep the camera tight on Biden with people behind him because they are trying to emulate the size of a Trump rally.

In the summer of 2021, CNN attempted a similar stunt however, below is a picture from the back of the room.

Attendance at Biden’s speeches are as good as his approval numbers.



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