Home Invader’s Career Ends Abruptly After Forcing Entry to Gun Owner’s Residence…


What happens when an intruder forces entry into an occupied residence? When that homeowner is a gun owner and has a firearm within easy reach, things almost always go very poorly for the would-be Big Bad Wolf.

Cops in Chickasha, Oklahoma didn’t have far to look to find the man who forced his way into a home in the middle of the day on Tuesday.

Neighbors said they heard a long string of gunshots and could smell the gunpowder in the air in the aftermath. That’s how much ammunition the homeowner expended in dissuading the unwelcome guest. When cops arrived they found a very dead uninvited visitor and a dozen or more empty shell casings on the floor of the home.

They also found a very cooperative homeowner.

KFOR has the details:

“It was very scary,” said Nicholle Smith, who lives nearby. “I actually started shaking.”

Officers tell KFOR they were called to the scene near Westbrook St. and W Country Club Rd. around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.


“Our officers received a call of a domestic disturbance at 3015 Westbrook, in which a subject had broken into the home,” said Lt. Gillian O’Brien with the Chickasha Police Department. “As the subject made entry into the home, the homeowner opened fire right away.”

“I mean, it was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. I mean, just, you know, as quick as someone could squeeze the trigger,” added Brandon Bowman who lives next door. “I mean, it happened so fast… I walked outside and could smell gunpowder right away.”

Another report by Oklahoma News identified the alleged intruder as the late Vernell W. Tall Jr.

Home carry allows good guys to defend their home when seconds count. There’s no going to the basement, the garage, or a bedroom to access a safe, load a gun and return to face the bad guys who are threatening you or your family.

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