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(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself under fire yet again, as anti-Israeli hecklers confronted her at two separate events within days of each other.

As Hillary Clinton exited the Music Box Theater in New York City, protesters hurled scathing remarks at her, criticizing her support for Israel’s military operations against Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. 

“Hillary Clinton, Hi! Has anyone told you, you are the super predator? Has anyone told you, you are the super predator,” an unidentified man shouted as Clinton exited the theater accompanied by Secret Service. 

“You’re responsible for the deaths of millions!” the man added, as seen in a video shared by journalist Talia Jane on Twitter.

In another video, a woman was heard shouting similar attacks, accusing Clinton of being “responsible for genocides.” Escalating her tirade, the protester added: “You’re responsible for atrocities. You’re literary helping f**king faciliate the genocide of Palestinian people! What the f**k do you have to say for yourself.” 

Unbothered by the hecklers, Hillary Clinton smiled at bystanders and continued to enter the Secret Service’s vehicles. 

Even former President Bill Clinton, who also accompanied Hillary Clinton, was not spared from the verbal assaults, with a man shouting: “Bill Clinton, you’re a genocide supporter! F**k you, you piece of sh*t.” 

Notably, Bill Clinton’s infamous appearance on Wednesday at a $25 million fundraiser for his pal, President Joe Biden, was also disrupted by anti-Israeli hecklers. 

To the detriment of the Clinton duo, the Saturday heckling was not an isolated incident.  

Hillary Clinton faced fired-up hecklers again during a Saturday event at her alma mater, Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

According to the New York Times, as Hillary Clinton participated in a panel discussion related to the inaugural of a research and study center bearing her name, a woman stood up and accused the high-profile Democrat of ignoring Palestinians currently facing conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

In response, Hillary Clinton pushed back, stating, “We’re having a discussion. I’m perfectly happy to meet you after this event and talk with you.” The woman was ultimately removed from the room, the Times reported. Video of the incident has not emerged on social media.

The heckling comes as Democrats, including Biden, face scorching criticism and electoral protests for their initial staunch support of Israel following Hamas’s brutal invasion on Oct. 7.



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