Heartbroken USAF Pilot Purged After Putting Faith Over Biden


Since he was a little boy United States Air Force Pilot Lt. John Bowes has always wanted to be a fighter pilot and serve his country.

However, the 24-year-old F-16 student has been grounded and will be discharged from the Air Force because he refused the COVID vaccine.

Bowes is a Catholic and had put in a religious exemption because of the aborted fetal cell lines that were involved in the production or testing to create the mRNA vaccine. Bowes was informed that the Pentagon denied his exemption.

“I exercised my constitutional and statutory right to receive a religious accommodation. And then I was, as a direct consequence of doing that, removed from training to fly the F-16. I personally believe that is religious discrimination,” Bowes said.

The pilot was also very clear to state that his views are not the same as the USAF.

“Now that my religious accommodation is denied, I have been formally removed from training. I’ve received a letter of reprimand, which is a disciplinary action that goes on my record as an officer. And I’ve been told that I’ll be processed for discharge here pretty soon,” he added.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken,” Bowes said, “it’s sad to see that my dream is at risk over something like the COVID vaccine, which doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading COVID.”

Showing that he is a true professional he remained respectful.

“My faith is what gets me through it because I know that God has called me to speak up about these mandates, and God has called me to stand up for the beliefs that I have—that he gave me, and I’m risking my dream and my career and my future and my financial stability, and my honor as an officer, which is being tainted by these disciplinary actions. All because of my oath to my faith, my oath to God which got me here in the first place, as well as my oath to the Constitution of the United States, which all officers take,” Bowes said.

“And so I’m not here to be rebellious. I’m not here to stick it to the man and so many service members aren’t here to do that, either. We’re simply doing what we swore to do. And standing up for our religious beliefs.”

Bowes is one of the many service men and women who have been discharged from service because of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Any member of the United States military that is not vaccinated by June 30 will be immediately discharged.

Due to the terrible mandates and policies imposed by the Biden administration, the military is failing to meet its recruitment goals.

The Epoch Times


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