He Was Cleaning His Bedroom And Learned Of His Girlfriend’s Disgusting Habit….


In a world where people keep secrets from their significant others, one man discovered a shocking habit of his girlfriend.

Well, as we all know love is a powerful thing, but sometimes it can blind us to the disgusting habits of those we love. For some, these habits can be overlooked and ignored, while for others, they are non-negotiable deal-breakers. It all comes down to personal preference and what one is willing to tolerate in a relationship.

Recently, a man took to Reddit to share a disturbing story about his girlfriend’s gross habits. Despite considering his girlfriend as his best friend, the man was unaware of a bad habit she had been hiding for a long time. He stumbled upon her behavior by chance when he decided to clean their shared bedroom.

The man was shocked to find hundreds of used contact lenses discarded behind the headboard of their bed. The girlfriend had been throwing them there after taking them out of her eyes while in bed. The man took a picture of the wall filled with the light blue contact lenses and shared it on Reddit to show the world how “disgusting” his girlfriend was. To accompany his Reddit post, the man wrote: “My significant other throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed.”

The post quickly gained popularity and received more than 12,000 comments, with people expressing their disgust at the girlfriend’s behavior. Some people shared their own experiences with disgusting habits, such as a former roommate who left excessive amounts of bacon grease in the pan.

One person commented, “People like this blow my mind. Like, where do you think it’s gonna go? Clean that s*it up.”

 “I just… don’t get this. My house isn’t perfect by any means. I put off vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing toilets. But stuff like this just adds madness to the mayhem,” another wrote.

“I used to have a roommate who would keep excessive amounts of bacon grease sitting in her cast iron pan. I don’t just mean a little bit of oil residue as part of the seasoning. I mean big white goops of rendered and re-congealed fat. Many of us tried to convince her that it was bad, but she simply left it there in the pan until the next time she cooked – at which time she would wipe away the excess and cook with the pan again,” they wrote.

The man’s Reddit post sparked a debate on whether or not it’s acceptable to keep secrets from your significant other. Many people agreed that it’s normal to keep certain things to yourself, even from your best friend and partner. However, some people argued that hiding bad habits or behaviors from your significant other is not healthy for a relationship.

The man’s post also raised questions about hygiene and cleanliness in shared spaces. Some people pointed out that throwing used contact lenses behind the headboard is unhygienic and can attract pests like bugs and mice. Others criticized the girlfriend for not taking responsibility for her own mess and leaving it for someone else to clean up.

In the end, the man’s Reddit post serves as a reminder that keeping secrets from your significant other can lead to unexpected discoveries. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner, even about things that may be embarrassing or uncomfortable. And when it comes to shared spaces, it’s important to take responsibility for your own mess and clean up after yourself.

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