He Used An AirTag To Recover His Stolen Truck, What He Did After Is Pure Justice….


Here’s a story that’ll really make you think about the state of law enforcement and the lengths people will go to protect themselves and their property. In San Antonio, a truck owner didn’t just sit around twiddling his thumbs when his ride was stolen. Nope, he whipped out his trusty Apple AirTag app and hunted that bad boy down. Do you know what happened next? He came face-to-face with the alleged thief and ended up shooting him dead. Talk about taking matters into your own hands!

The cops got wind of the stolen truck around 1 pm, but it was the owner who managed to find it first. He tracked it down to a shopping center in the city using his Apple AirTag. He decided he wasn’t going to wait for the slowpoke police and confronted the alleged crook himself. And you know what? The thief probably had no clue that the truck was traceable, but he sure found out the hard way.

Before the police could show up, the truck owner saw the alleged thief possibly reaching for a gun inside the vehicle. Well, our truck owner wasn’t having any of that, so he whipped out his own firearm and took action, fatally shooting the alleged thief. Yikes!

The police have weighed in, with San Antonio Police’s Nick Soliz saying, “They [the truck owner] tried to confront the suspect who they saw in their vehicle. I don’t know if an argument happened, but we know that during this time he believes that a firearm may have been pulled by the suspect.”

Soliz also had some advice for folks in similar situations, “If your vehicle is stolen, I know it’s frustrating, but please do not take matters into your own hands like this.” Easier said than done, right?

These handy-dandy AirTags are cheap, starting at just $29, and they help you keep tabs on your stuff. Attach one to your keys, your backpack, or heck, even your truck, and you can track it all with the Find My app. Pretty neat, huh?

Now, here’s the real kicker: Should regular folks like you and me just sit around and let criminals have their way when the police can’t get their act together? We pay our taxes, follow the law, and try to be good citizens, but when the boys in blue don’t have our backs, what are we supposed to do?

If the police had done their job and found the truck quickly, maybe this whole mess could have been avoided. Instead, the owner had to step in and defend himself and his property. Maybe it ain’t ideal, but when the crime is running rampant and folks are packing heat, what do you expect?

San Antonio ain’t exactly a walk in the park, either. With a crime rate of 50 per one thousand residents, it’s got one of the highest rates in the whole country. Your chances of being a victim of violent or property crime there are one in 20. That’s not good, folks.

So, what’s the takeaway from this wild tale? Well, we need law enforcement to step up and protect us, law-abiding citizens. If they don’t, you can bet your bottom dollar more people are gonna take matters into their own hands, and we’ll have a whole lot more shootouts on our hands. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

WATCH the video for more details:

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