He Thought It Would Be Funny To Pee On The Elevator Buttons, then Karma Got Him Back Hard…


Oh boy! That’s instant karma right there! 

It’s common sense to respect a facility that literally carries life in its cradle, but if the humble elevator decides to take a break, then the best one can do is to wait it out, even if it takes five whole hours.

A young man in China thought it would be funny to pee on all the buttons in an elevator. In fact, he urinates all over the elevator and purposely aims at its control panel.

But things quickly backfired. All of this was caught on the elevator’s surveillance footage.

What the guy didn’t realize was that instant karma was awaiting him. His urine caused the entire control panel and the elevator to short-circuit and stop, trapping him inside what had now become his toilet prison.

As the CCTV footage shows, the elevator stops working pretty much immediately and the kid is like, “Wait… what!?!?!” The footage went viral on China’s social media platform Weibo because, well, of course, it did. This is fantastic. The young boy was trapped in the elevator for a couple of hours before he could be rescued.

Unfortunately for him he couldn’t even lie and be like, “Oh yeah the elevator stopped working and then I peed in here because I couldn’t hold it anymore.” They obviously knew what was going on here the entire time. Hopefully, they really dragged their feet on getting him out. No need to rush when the person trapped is only trapped because they took their thang out and tried to get their pee on strangers’ hands. Presumably, this was the first time this kid had tried this prank. It was definitely the last.

In the kid’s defense, had he pulled this off it would have been… kind of funny? Eh. Not really. He got what he deserved. So the next time you’re thinking about pulling a prank, make sure you’re prepared. Otherwise, you might end up being the one who gets pranked.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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