He Is The Leader Of A Massive Church, But He Has Disappeared Off The Face Of….


It seems everyone is disappearing just to avoid lawsuits these days…

The controversial leader of Scientology David Miscavige is apparently “nowhere to be found” as process servers search to serve the controversial figure with a trafficking lawsuit.

The server has reportedly attempted to serve the mysterious 62-year-old Scientology leader 27 separate times over four months in Los Angeles, California, and Clearwater, Florida.

According to Daily Mail, security guards on duty at the California and Florida Scientology properties were “clueless” when lawyers arrived in search of Miscavige.

The three plaintiffs in the lawsuit – Gawain and Laura Baxter and Valeska Paris – have also since hired a private investigator in an attempt to track down the evasive church leader.

Although Miscavige does not have a recorded permanent address, his last known address was the church’s international headquarters in Los Angeles.

In court filings connected to the federal trafficking lawsuit against him, two former Scientology members said Miscavige lives in a gated church community called Hacienda Gardens just outside of Clearwater.

According to reports, agents have tried 27 times in California and Florida over a period of four months, but no one can find him. When lawyers showed up at several Church of Scientology buildings in search of the leader, the security guards kept their lips zipped on his whereabouts.

In fact, they went as far as to say they didn’t know where he was, where he lived, or what he did for work. Their leader?!? Come on, now. They don’t know what he does for work when they’re employed by him?

It’s gotten to a point where lawyers have even tried reaching out to the church’s official Instagram page! Yeah, imagine getting a lawsuit served to you in your DMs. Wild.

The details of the case Miscavige is running from involve former Scientology members Valeska Paris and spouses Gawain and Laura Baxter. Paris filed the lawsuit after claiming the three of them were forced into labor on boats as children after signing one billion-year contract in exchange for little or no money.

A one-billion-year contract?! Horrifying…

She also alleges she was the victim of repeated sexual assaults. She says when her mother left the church, she was locked in an engine room for 48 hours as punishment at only 17 years old. Gawain said his parents put him in a “Sea Org” (an extremist wing of Scientology) nursery when he was two months old, and when he turned six he was also forced to sign the outrageous one-billion-year contract. He was then sent to live in a “Cadet Org” dormitory with around 100 other children.

According to the lawsuit, children in Scientology over six years old are considered to be adults and are told they should act and expect to be treated as adults. Allegedly, children must be referred to as “cadets” and not kids.

Miscavige is due in court on January 20, but the meeting is pending until he’s found and served with the papers. A private investigator has been hired to help on the hunt, but so far there are no clues as to where he may be.

Watch the related video below about the so-called ruthless leader:

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