He Built A Massive Aquarium In His House And People Are Losing Their Minds…


A captivating home aquarium sparks heated debate as it houses ocean-dwelling creatures behind glass walls, blurring the line between an awe-inspiring display and an ethical dilemma.

The enchanting sight of fish in a home aquarium often brings joy and entertainment to both guests and homeowners. However, an Australian man’s massive aquarium in his Kangaroo Point mansion, in south Sydney, has sparked controversy for housing a species of fish typically found in the open ocean, raising concerns about the creatures’ well-being.

The fish enthusiast shared his enormous in-home aquarium on TikTok under the username thegyup_aus, along with a video captioned, “Water change of 10,000L on my shark tank makes the animals happy.” He employed a truck parked outside his residence to pump out the water from the tank, ensuring a clean environment for the marine animals.

While thousands of TikTok users admired the grandeur of the man’s private aquarium, critics argued that the captive sharks were denied their freedom, as they were more suited to life in the open ocean. The homeowner’s water replacement process further fueled concerns, prompting questions about the sharks’ whereabouts during the procedure.

Despite some lighthearted speculation about the sharks being in the bathtub, the homeowner put concerns to rest by clarifying that the sharks remained in the tank due to its massive 20,000-liter capacity. He said, “They swim in the bottom half of the tank.”

Nevertheless, the debate rages on as to whether the homeowner’s treatment of his shark pets is humane or if these wild creatures should be released into the open ocean.

One TikTok user commented, “Real ocean and freedom are what makes them happy,” while another added, “Or you can let it roam freely and happily in the sea instead.”

Another person compared the situation to “a beta in a small fishbowl… not appropriate.”

On the other hand, some people couldn’t help but express their admiration for the unique shark tank. One user gushed, “Cool shark tank, only if I had a tank that size, I would go crazy with the plants and add some schooling fish.”

Another chimed in, “I love the tank! Looks amazing.” This homeowner’s controversial aquarium ultimately serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between awe-inspiring creations and the ethical treatment of wild animals.

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